One of the best parts of Scotland is the fantastic nature! Perthshire is often called the heart of Scotland and so it is very important that we protect the beautiful landscape of Perthshire.

We are members of the Soil Association.

Some of the main steps we have taken to reduce our impact are:


  • We use a hybrid car
  • We have A+++ rated fridges and washing machines
  • We use low-energy or LED lightings in most areas
  • We use eco-friendly electric kitchen ware


  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning/ washing products
  • We save water where ever possible


  • We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic containers, glass bottles, metal cans and foil
  • We buy unpacked groceries at the Locavore Shop in Glasgow and local organic farms
  • We compost raw vegetable matter
  • We reduce plastic items where possible, e.g no plastic bottles, no plastic bags, no plastic package


  • We buy organic, fair-trade, seasonal and local products
  • We are vegetarians and our products are all suitable for vegetarians and the most are suitable for vegans.


  • We use public transport where ever possibly


  • We using recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources
  • We using recycled paper for our business cards and flyer 
  • We save paper where possible
  • We reuse package and jars where possible