Organic Welltree Fruit and Veg Delivery Policy


The veg box subscription runs from the first week after the week of subscription payment to allow us to make provision for your order. For example:

  • you purchase on a Monday, your delivery will commence the following week
  • if you purchase on a Tuesday, as that is the day we order the fruit and vegetables, your first delivery will be the week of the 2nd Monday ie 13 days time

Weekly Payment

By purchasing a subscription, you agree to Organic Welltree taking payment weekly until you advise us to stop.

How often we deliver

  • The frequency of deliveries is weekly.
  • Other items from our online shop can be delivered together with your box.


The delivery is free of charge for the following areas:

  • Tuesdays - Guildtown, Blairgowrie, Alyth, Cupar Angus, Balbeggie and between
  • Thursdays - Perth, Stirling, Aloa, Balfron, Milngavie and between 
  • Fridays - Methven, St. Fillians, Killin, Aberfeldy, Dunkeld and between 

Please contact us on for delivery charge for all other areas.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a delivery time, as this will vary due to the number of deliveries, traffic and weather conditions etc, however as the delivery runs the same from week to week, you can expect your delivery around the same time every week.

It is your responsibility to provide us with delivery instructions, especially if you know you won’t be at home when we deliver. Please let us know of somewhere safe and sheltered that we can leave your delivery.

Setting up

After you have purchased a box online and paid for your first veg box, we will set up a weekly payment through our secure payment process. This will start on the Monday following your first payment to ensure you receive a box for the following week. We will email you confirmation of the weekly payment once it is set up and you will receive an email advising of your delivery.


We take payment via our secure Stripe account.

Pausing your order

If you’re going on holiday, or need to pause deliveries for a week, the deadline for cancellation is 12 pm on the Monday at least one week before the cancelled box is due delivery. If you contact us after this time, we will be able to cancel your delivery, however, you will still be charged for it. This is because we order the fruit and vegetables on the Tuesday for delivery for the following week.

This allows us to plan ahead for ordering, harvesting and packing, and therefore reduce waste.

If you contact us by the deadline, you won’t be charged for the delivery on the cancelled week(s).

Changing your order

You’ll need to give us written notice of the changes you wish to make, by emailing us at

You can contact us at any time to change to your order, however, a change is valid from the next week if you contact us by 12 am Monday. This allows us to plan ahead for ordering and packing.

Custom orders

All veg boxes are made up as standard, and the content varies seasonally and week to week. If there’s anything you don’t want to receive, let us know and we’ll adjust your veg box accordingly. We can accommodate a maximum of three exclusions. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get specific items, or make up a custom box as the produce varies seasonally.

Something wrong with your order?

Contact us within 24 hours of delivery if something is wrong with your order:

  1. Check your order is correct, ensuring all items are there.

  2. Check the quality of your order – certain items can turn quickly after our own careful quality control.

  3. If anything is missing or of poor quality, let us know within 24 hours of receiving the box. Please also attach photo evidence where appropriate.

  4. We will try our best to redeliver if your driver is still out on delivery. If not, we will refund you as credit to your account.
  5. After this time, we are unable to process refunds.

Going to be out when delivery is due?

If you are not going to be in to receive your order, please let us have at least 24 hours advance notice so we can make an exception.

You’re not home for delivery (and you live in a flat)

  • We’ll try to gain access to the close by buzzing one of your neighbours, and we’ll leave your delivery outside your flat door.
  • If we can’t get into the close, we’ll leave the delivery in the safest place, and will contact you to let you know where we’ve left it.
  • If we can’t gain access to the close and we’ll return the order to us and contact you.

Tips on Storing Fruit and Veg

If any produce turns bad unexpectedly outwith the 24 hour period then please do get in contact (with a photo) but first please ensure you have stored the item correctly by referring to the following storage guidelines:


  • Leave the dirt on them until you need them, which helps retain moisture and keep roots fresher for longer.
  • Keep potatoes out of the fridge, but in a dark place to prevent them from turning green.


  • Keep them moist! We pack leafy veg into bags to retain moisture. Once we’ve ran out of plastic bags, we’ll be using fully biodegradable bags which you can pop in your food waste waste bin, or on your compost heap.

Cut Herbs

  • For herbs with longer stems such as rosemary or mint, you can pop them in a glass with water – trim the bottom of the stems first. This way, you can enjoy them in kitchen rather than in the fridge!

Root Veg with Leafy Tops

Chop the tops off and treat as two separate veg – a root and a leafy green. Store the root as above, and pop the leaves into a bag or tub in the fridge.


  • Fruit tends to be harvested and transported in it’s unripe state, to keep extend it’s shelf life. This means that sometimes you’ll receive unripe fruit. You can ripen fruit by popping them in a bowl with a banana.
  • Bananas speed up the ripening of other produce.
  • Putting fruit in the fridge will slow down the ripening process (be careful with the fruit listed below that shouldn’t go in the fridge).

Keep the following OUT of the fridge

Some fresh produce is damaged by cold temperatures, and it’s best to keep the following out of the fridge:

  • aubergines
  • avocados
  • bananas
  • citrus fruits (kiwi, lemons, limes, oranges etc.)
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • pears
  • potatoes
  • onions
  • tomatoes


  • You’ll need to give us written notice of your cancellation, by emailing us at
  • You can contact us at any time to cancel your order, however, please contact us by 12 am on Monday for the following week.


We’ll deliver your fruit and veg in paper boxes, which we provide to ensure the produce is suitably packed. Please leave the box out for collection the following week, and we’ll replace it with a full one.

We reuse the egg boxes so please help us reduce waste and costs by leaving those out for collection too.

Other information

We’ll automatically add you to our weekly emailing list for veg box newsletters. Here you’ll find our new products or important information about delivery. If you’d like to unsubscribe, just let us know or click unsubscribe in the email.

If we need to contact you, we’ll do so by email, so please ensure that if either change, that you let us know.

What happens if….

Your order is partially delivered or not delivered

Contact us and we’ll track down your order.

If we’re out of stock of an item that you have ordered

We’ll substitute it as best we can, but if you’re not happy with this, we will refund you.