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Welcome to Kirklands

  • by Sabine & Gundi
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In January 2020 we were able to purchase our new house which is called Kirklands. The house sates from 1742 and was built as a coach house with a large, beautiful garden. In February we started renovation work and we moved in. The kitchen and our office are now complete and we are still working on the remaining rooms. The...

Chutney Project

  • by Sabine & Gundi
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Our latest project: Chutneys, Jams and more

A few months ago we came home from Tomnah'a Market Garden with a box full of beetroot. We searched for new recipes and came across an interesting chutney recipe. We tried it immediately.

The next day we were invited our friend Alison and took a jar for her to try. Alison...

Permaculture Course

  • by Sabine & Gundi
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River, River, where do you go?
With your water, the colour of tea
underneath your stoney bed
do you flow to the wide green sea?

No! Said the river, I flow inland
Deep on deep beneath the rocks and the sand.
Under the Alder and the Willow tree

Comrie Croft

  • by Sabine & Gundi
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Comrie Croft is a unique community-based resource offering holidays, leisure, nature, festivities and agriculture. The Croft is based on a farmstead but has been nurtured so that it is so much more – a destination, a place to enjoy, somewhere to find healthy green products and a place to celebrate. The community of motivated people involved in cultivation, production, activities...

New Apostolic Church

  • by Sabine & Gundi
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We are members of the New Apostolic Church (NAC).

Our place of worship in Scotland is located in Glasgow at 329 North Woodside Road.

Services take place every Sunday at 10:30am and Wednesday at 7:30pm.

More information can be found here.

If you would like to know more about our church, you are welcome to attend one of the services.



Organic Welltree

  • by Sabine & Gundi
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The Logo

In Autumn 2016 we founded Organic Welltree Ltd. to establish our business for the future. Initially we used the address of a solicitor in Edinburgh for our company. Then we needed a proper logo.
Our good friend Joachim created our logo. The brief we gave him was that it should be a mix of our company name, nature...